Alexander Technique & Mindfulness Meditation


Gentian Rahtz BA (Hons) M.Ed, LCSP (Phys) S.T.A.T. CERT

About Gentian Rahtz

In 1986 I had the good fortune to discover a quite exceptional and ground-breaking Alexander Teacher, Don Burton, who ran Fellside Alexander Teacher Training School in Kendal, Cumbria. His visionary yet visceral approach to Alexander Technique  included a thorough grounding in anatomy and physiology. I qualified from his three year full-time training in1990 but continue to be grateful to this teacher who so inspired his students.

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My subsequent training in Cranio-Sacral therapy with Thomas Atlee, Hugh Milne and Franklyn Sills was part-time over a period of five years. This subtle therapy has a close relationship with the more non-doing, deep listening, more meditative aspects of Alexander and helps me to fine tune this work. I am also qualified in Remedial Massage.

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My wide training and experience in human movement and the holistic health field enables me to work in an intuitive and flexible way with Alexander Technique and Cranio-sacral therapy. I practice Meditation and Qi Gong which also require a focus on the present moment, on the breath, on a quality of expanded awareness.

I have taught Alexander Technique in the music department at York University, in Alexander training schools, in health clinics and also for Hull and York adult education services. Oxfordshire County Council now employs me to teach classes in Alexander and in Meditation for Oxfordshire Skills and Learning. I live and  mostly work in East Oxford.

Before I became a therapist and Alexander teacher I worked for the Open University for ten years tutoring Social Sciences and Art and Environment, a multi-media course exploring basic creative processes and completed an M.Ed in Art Education in 1981.

I am also a writer, mainly poetry and for the last three years have taken on the daunting and exciting challenge of learning to play the shakuhachi, the Japanese bamboo flute. I have one son.